Airport Business Planning

COLECCIÓN Fundamentos Aeronáuticos

EDICIÓN 1ª edición

AUTOR Ismael Ordoñez, Miguel Rodríguez y Gonzalo Velasco

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Airport Business Planning. Ismael Ordoñez, Miguel Rodríguez y Gonzalo Velasco

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This handbook provides the appropriate set of tools to produce a long- term business plan for an airport by providing first-time users a step-by- step approach from inception to completion. The explanations, formulas and data points presented are valid for a broad variety of airports providing service to commercial passengers; ranging from small to large, economically regulated to non-regulated airports.

The forecasting tools cover all the main areas of an airport business plan: Traffic (aircraft movements and passengers), Aeronautical Revenues, Non- Aeronautical Revenues, Operational Expenditure and Capital Expenditure.



Ismael Ordóñez has a Master in Aeronautical Engineering, a Master in Business Administration and studies in Corporate and Project Finance. He has developed most of his career developing business plans for transactions in the airport and energy sectors. He has ample experience in the European and American aviation markets with special focus in North America and the United Kingdom where he has also occupied positions in asset management roles in large PPP projects and privately owned airports. He also teaches the Airports subject in the Master in Aeronautical Engineering at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid.

Miguel Rodríguez has a Master in Aeronautical Engineer and a Master in Business Administration. He has developed his full career in the aviation sector as an air transport consultant and has worked for multiple airport operators, investors and airlines. He has a long track record in airport PPP projects, airport master planning and airport business planning for airport transactions in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States.

Gonzalo Velasco has a Master in Aeronautical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. During his career in the airport sector, he has hold different management roles and has been a board member at several airports. He has been highly regarded for managing a portfolio of airports, for executing acquisitions and divestments of airport assets, and for leading innovation and sustainability programs.

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